Do You Have Questions on Mentoring?

Would love to hear about any questions people have about Mentoring, do you have questions on how to Mentor someone or perhaps you are wondering about the benefits of Mentoring, let us know in this thread.


Please don’t think of it differently; learning curve needs to be fulfilled on every steps, beside one should know the exact outline and the path that leads to excellence on each role types. I am sufferer of it, where I have identified my wrong concepts (trained on it), and corrected those, learned the hard way, jobs were on the line. Reason why true knowledge transfer is requested

Having a Mentor definitely helps save wasted time going to useless paths of learning.

Hi there. I signed up as a mentor and recently got my first request from a mentee. I say request but in reality I believe it was just a connection (?). So what do I do next? How do I reach out to him and what do I ask him to do next?

Mentees request to be Mentored, once you have accepted they are able to book you. You should also be able to speak to them via the Messages tab to arrange the mentoring session.