Mentee - How to Use the New Features on Cyber Mentor DoJo🌟

We have just launched our brand new release that includes many new features including video chat and a revamped Task system. In addition we have a new system for mentoring called “slots” that allows you and your mentor to have a longer term relationship over multiple mentoring session with the bonus of being able to set and track progress on specific tasks to aid your development journey.

Mentors now chose the number of mentee’s they want to have at any one time and will set a number of pre-screening questions to guage whether they are a good fit for you.

We believe this will help your mentoring experience and also help find you the best possible mentor. This all helps nurture quality relationships that will help both the mentor and mentee.

:arrow_right: Step One: Find Your Mentor and Apply

The frist step to finding your mentor is to browse through the list on the explore page. Here you can use our handy filters to find mentors with skills and certifications in your area, as well as by laungage spoken and timezone.
Mentors also have detailed profiles of their experience to help you decide if they are a good fit.

Once you have found the perfect mentor(s), use the apply button on their profile to access their pre screener questions. Fill these in and hit the submit application button!

:arrow_right: Step Two : Make Your Booking

Once your chosen mentor has accepted your application, click the notification to be taken to their profile. From here you can book your first mentoring session. You will be presented with three options depending on the type of guidance you are looking for:

:bullettrain_front:CV Review

:bullettrain_front:Career Guidance

:bullettrain_front:Interview Prep

Improvements :star2: :

We aim to improve this feature further based on feedback. If you have any feedback please email [email protected]

Kind Regards,
Cyber Mentor DoJo Team :ninja:t4: