Mentee - Seeking General Career Advice

Hello community, my name is Daniel and I am currently enrolled at SANS Technology Institute for my Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Cybersecurity. I am also on the SANS Advisory Board. I work at Securonix as a Cloud Support Analyst, where I monitor and maintain a Cloud SIEM. Certifications I have are: A+, Networking+, Server+, Security+, MTA: Networking, Security, and Server, Linux Essentials, GFACT, GISF, and GSEC.
Currently enrolled GCIH.
I have a little over a year of professional IT experience. (Got out of the army in 2020).

I am seeking some general career advice, as I am looking to transition more into a cybersecurity role. I also have a ITProTV subscription where I am refreshing my knowledge in fundamentals such as networking, scripting, etc.

I do enjoy my job for the most part and I love troubleshooting and fixing things, but I would like to go further, if possible. What other things should I be doing? Since I already work in a cloud environment(and enjoy it), should I learn up more on cloud related things?

Also, here’s my linked if you would like to provide feedback with that as well.

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Cloud is probably at the forefront of Cyber Security, since everyone is moving there. You will probably want to concentrate on AWS and Azure as these are the 2 main Cloud platforms. Both have free certifications you can do to show off your knowledge.

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Like David said, the Cloud is a highly regarded area in Cyber Security. It’s a good thing you already have your foot in the door with your current experience and it seems you’ve covered quite a lot of foundational material on security.

In terms of security when it comes to the Cloud, it’s really just applying those foundational principles in a cloud environment. A good starting point would probably be learning how the cloud environment works. ITProTv seems to have some foundational and advanced material that can get you started in either AWS or Azure cloud.

From personal experience, I found it slightly challenging trying to learn both cloud technologies at the same time. So I opted for one initially and the other came later. You may find that approach may or may not work for you but it might be easier to start with the one you are most familiar with.

Which provider are you most familiar with?

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At the risk of sounding like a broken harp, I would like to start with a question.

“What is your end goal? Where do you want to be in 5-10 years”

I ask because I see that you’re interested in building on your Cloud experience, but currently lack a direction to do so. Rather than trying to scoot along, it is often more effective to make a plan that encompasses these goals with a higher purpose in mind.

Once we set a goal (it can be abstract) we can ask ourselves “what do I need to reach this goal”. So let’s start there :smiley:

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Agreed on the cloud front as mentioned by others. Another great resource for practical labs to learn on is You get a dedicated lab environment to practise along side the course material.

In terms of security when it comes to the Cloud, it’s really just applying those foundational principles in a cloud environment

As they say, there is no cloud, just somebody else’s computer :wink:

AWS is the defacto “cloud” provider, however if you have a lot of Windows experience Azure may be a good starting point. GCP is similar to AWS, but has a few slightly different concepts that can be tricky to get your head around if you are learning both AWS and GCP at the same time - that being said, GCP is much better if your area of interest over laps with data science.

I started working on some AWS courses since that is the environment I work in. And thank you sir.

I am most familiar with AWS. That’s the environment we use at work. I have ITProTV and yesterday I started the AWS Cloud Practitioner course. I will stick with AWS for now. I don’t think I want to try to learn AWS and Azure at the same time right now lol.

5-10 years, would like to be a cloud security engineer. It is often a repeated question but it’s a good one. And it helps. I will keep building up that cloud experience

I just checked a cloud guru site, and they have a lot of good learning material from what I saw so far. I appreciate the resource. Think as of right now, I will stick with AWS.

I talked to someone from LinkedIn as well who was telling me to stick with cloud area as well.
I appreciate y’all feedback on this post. :grin:

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For sure!

I ask it because I am a firm believer of formulating goals first and then asking ourselves what we need to do to reach that larger goal. Many times people flop about with “What is next”. By having a 5-10 year goal and working from that backwards, you can more easily give context to certain skills and tasks to do.

So say you’re 10 years in the future as Senior Cloud Engineer (example). To do this, you need a few key skills that are super important. You need technical skills but also people skills to translate what the client wishes to what you can build. So then you look at those needs and say: “What do I need to reach these mini milestones”. And you keep doing that each time back until you reach today.

It will give you a red line to follow; so long as you keep flexible enough to change when it is needed or when your interests shift.