Mentor - CMD Slots System Guide and Set Pre-Screen Questions 📖

How To Use Our New Mentoring Slot System for Mentors:star2:

We have had some questions about how to use our Mentoring Slot system which enables mentors to set a limit on the amount of mentees they have at any time in addition to also being able to set pre-screening questions.

The slots system is designed to allow you to take on mentee’s in a longer term capacity by “managing” them. A mentee will apply to you by answering your questions. These pre-screening questions allow you to decide if you are the right mentor for them. Recommended questions could include:

  • What is the main goal you are looking to achieve?
  • What have you already done to progress towards achieving this goal?
  • What experience do you currently have?

Once you have accepted their application, they will then be able to book one or more slots with you from your set availability. In addition you are able to assign them tasks and track their progress completing these.

By default you will be enrolled in to the slots system as part of the account upgrade process and this will default to 10 slots. You can have as few or as many slots as you wish.

If you prefer to manage mentee’s in a one off capacity, you can disable the slots system entirely. This will allow mentee’s to book directly with you without the need for an application and to answer pre-screening questions.

Where to set your available slots :

You set our Number of slots and pre-screening questions via the Manage Screen and then click on the Cog Icon.

Upon clicking slots you will be taken to the settings page where you set both the number of mentee slots you want at any one time in addition to the pre-screen questions.

If you wish to disable the slots system, set slots to “No”.

Improvements :star2: :

We aim to improve this feature further based on feedback. If you have any feedback please email [email protected]

Kind Regards,
Cyber Mentor Dojo Team :ninja:t4: