What are your go to Offensive security resources

Offensive security is a very big element in cyber, with many different paths you can take. I have started this thread for people to post their favourite resources for offensive security whether it is for learning or general reference.

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* TryHackMe

* HackTheBox

* TCM Academy

* Offensive Security section of the SOC guide

* Proving Grounds
* PicoCTF
* Ciso Series


My physical/virtual resources would be my lab computer with various VMs and my tools are usually various backed in tools in Parrot OS, with the occasional custom scripts from Github repos.

For training resources, lot of Youtube Channels, poorly defined google searches, and occasional Discord channels.

There’s so many resources that I tap into again and again but these seems to be the ones that I’ve been using more recently.

GitHub - yeyintminthuhtut/Awesome-Red-Teaming: List of Awesome Red Teaming Resources < no longer maintained but the links in this are a goldmine.

So many good resources here. Focusing on tools that I find useful day-to-day as well as tools that might not be well known.

Shell script to quickly find some Linux security features in use.

Graphs viable attack paths through Azure or AD resources.

Simple OSINT automating some manual work.

Also wanted to share this for practice.
Awesome Vulnerable.

Train hard and train smart friends.

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Thanks for the info, hoping to take the oscp exam this year

Some great resources here, I have added some of these to my own personal notes!

Thank you,

hey, do you know any mentors who can help me with some academic questions i have surrounding cryptography? Thanks jay

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